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North Edmonton Estate Lawyerby Stewart Brownlee

If you require the services of a North Edmonton Estate lawyer, please contact our office, conveniently located at 15379 Castle Downs Road N.W. Edmonton, AB.

Griesbach Lawyerby Stewart Brownlee

If you require the services of a litigation lawyer, real estate lawyer or wills lawyer in the Griesbach area, please contact our office, conveniently located at #204, 15379 Castle Downs Road N.W. Edmonton, AB.

Real Estate lawyers – North Edmontonby Stewart Brownlee

We have moved our offices to 15379 Castle Downs Road N.W. Edmonton, AB.

If you require the services of a real estate lawyer located in North Edmonton, please contact us at (780) 800-5511.

Castle Downs Lawyersby Stewart Brownlee

If you require the services of real estate lawyers, wills lawyers, or litigation lawyers in Castle Downs please contact our office, located conveniently at:
Suite #204, Lakeside Landing 15379 Castle Downs Road N.W.

North Edmonton Real Estate Lawyerby Stewart Brownlee

If you require a real estate lawyer in north Edmonton please contact us.  It is a good idea to do so as early as possible and you may give us a call or leave us a message.

Real Estate Lawyer – priceby Stewart Brownlee

Seeking an affordable rate for the services of a real estate lawyer is perfectly understandable.  Legal fees for real estate services may come at a time when a purchaser or seller faces a miscellany of fees, user fees, taxes, permits and so on.

A ‘cheap’ real estate lawyer is sometimes the request.  A commonly held belief is that conveyancing is repetitive or delegated entirely to assistants.   Real estate conveyancing has in fact been described by the Courts in the past as ‘commodity work’, which is a useful classification.  But commoditization does not reduce the price to negligibility, and if not for some repetition in the process the costs would be much greater.   It is also the rare case which has no issues of complexity.

What consumers of any service can and should hope for is that the price is set by a legitimately competitive supply.  Happily for the users of real estate lawyers in Alberta, that is so.

The bottom line is that real estate law must be as affordable as can be the case in the community, while transacted honestly with nothing less than perfect attention and quality.  This is the traditional responsibility of the profession.  For cost-effective real estate services of the highest quality, please contact us at our convenient North Edmonton location.

Wills Lawyer – North Edmontonby Stewart Brownlee

The drafting of a will is a traditional lawyer’s art.

The great number of ways land and personal property may pass through multiple generations makes the drafting of wills a considerable discipline.  Proper drafting requires a mastery of the historical language of wills and the principles of will interpretation.

Some lawyers will only draft the simplest of wills, but this is often of no use to people wishing to distribute land or property in a specific way.

If you require a will, we are the most convenient location in North Edmonton, and are pleased to meet with you to discuss.


Real estate lawyers – Edmonton – Sellersby Stewart Brownlee

People moving do not want added stress in the final act of conveying the property to the buyers.  They want the job done properly and at the most reasonable price consistent with that.

It is, in other words, important for sellers to know they have retained not only the most reliable, but also the most cost-effective real estate lawyers.  Edmonton, like other big cities, has many good professionals.  Attempting to find the right ones is sometimes difficult for people.

The steps real estate lawyers take in conveying a sold property under a common real estate contract are familiar to most people:

-to ensure the contract in force adequately protects the interests of the seller

-to ensure the compliance of the property with applicable laws

-to ensure that clean title to the property can be given.  In other words, that none but permissible encumbrances appear on title

-to ensure that arrangements are made to dispose, in one way or another, with a mortgage or other financial encumbrance, unless it is being assumed by the buyer in the transaction.

Advising on these matters often requires an understanding of contract litigation. If there are questions about any of these steps, feel free to give us a call.

Issues surrounding these areas are also of interest to agents and real estate lawyers.  Edmonton has its fair share of real estate activity, and new residential construction.  Please contact us if you have any information of special interest to real estate lawyers.

Edmonton moves can be challenging enough in the winter months.  Allow our office to ease your mind by assuming conduct of your real estate closing, in order that you may focus on other things.



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