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Northgate Transit Stationby Stewart Brownlee

Northgate Transit Station is a large ETS station located in the parking lot adjacent to North Town Centre (the old Northtown Mall) at the northeast corner of 97th St. and 137th Ave.  It is a useful hub to North Town Centre, Namao and Northgate Centre (the old Northwood Mall).  The City of Edmonton publishes the transit schedules for Northgate here.  It is among the busiest stations in the city with regular service.

The offices of Stewart Brownlee Law are of convenient assistance to this part of Edmonton.  We offer high quality, reliable legal services that include civil litigation and real estate law.  Should you require the assistance of a lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone or email.



Northtown Lawyersby Stewart Brownlee

*NOTE – We have moved our offices to #204, 15379 Castle Downs Road N.W.**

North Town Centre is located on the site of the old Northtown Mall, with present address 9450-137 Ave,  Edmonton.

Built during Edmonton’s busy 1970s as an enclosed shopping centre, Northtown Mall was one among many plans for shopping in the city conceived at that time.   The area around 167th Ave. and 82nd St. was planned as a northern type of downtown area, and Londonderry Mall was for a time the largest shopping centre in Western Canada. 

People from the area will remember the prominently placed Kmart that anchored the western side of the mall during the 1980s.

Northtown Mall sat adjacent to the old Northwood Mall, which is now known as Northgate Centre, ensuring that an interesting similarity in names continues. 

Now rebuilt, the new North Town Centre bears little resemblance to the original Northtown Mall, and now consists of a block of offices and retail space.

Parking is busy, but availability of spaces is presently excellent.  Entrances are at 95th St. 97th St. and 137th Ave.    

The general utility of the site is more and more all-purpose, having doctors, dentists, law office, a post office, book store, drug store, food, salon, a bank, coffee, groceries, a gym and others.  These are either located outside or a short walk inside.  The upkeep and security of the buildings are of a high quality.   

North Edmonton has few lawyers, but that will change.  Growth of the many superior residential areas in North Edmonton shows no signs of slowing.

We are pleased to be of assistance to you in respect of all of your legal matters in this area of the city.  Feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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