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Locationby Stewart Brownlee

Stewart Brownlee Law is an Alberta-wide law firm situated at the North Town Centre in north Edmonton.

The firm is ideally situated to serve the north-side neighbourhoods of Lago Lindo, Klarvatten, Eaux Claires, Belle Rive, Evansdale, Northmount, Mayliewan, Ozerna, Kilkenny, Kildare, McConachie, Matt Berry, Hollick Kenyon, McLeod, Casselman, Crystallina Nera, York, Brintnell, Miller, Griesbach, Chambery, Elsinore, Baturyn, Lorelei, Beaumaris, Schonsee, Rosslyn, Glengarry, Lauderdale, Killarney, Baranow, Caernarvon, Canossa, Carlisle, Dunluce, Albany, Cumberland, Pembina, Newcastle, Rapperswill, Oxford and Carlton; however, all are welcome!

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